Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back Yard is a Bird Feeder

I do not have a bird feeder 
in my backyard.
I guess the entire yard is a 
bird feeder.

Pigeons have been coming and eating the seed I have been spreading to grow some grass in the backyard.
The whole yard is their feeder.

I guess this morning while a pigeons was having it's breakfast, a little hawk also came for breakfast.

You can also see the video, just less than 2 minutes long, on youtube. I have the date wrong in the video. It actuall was June 19 not 17 - somehow I lost 2 days today???

AT 6:52am this morning, I heard a ruckus (yes ruckus) at he back of the house. Sounded like something hit the house and a couple of birds fighting over a worm. I got out and looked out the window, not seeing anything of interest, even with my glasses on.

AT 7:00am I headed downstairs and noticed this hawk sitting just outside the window. It was out of view range from the upstairs bedroom window. I ducked back so as not to scare it off and grab the little camera. I get a couple of pictures and some video.

AT 7:15 I am venturing outside with the digital video camera. The flip out viewfinder can be configured at the side of the camera. I was able to just stick my hand out around the corner to film the breakfast meal.

I hope the little buddy has developed a taste for well fed pigeons and comes for breakfast every morning. All that was left was some small feather, the two feet up to the knees and bottom beak.

OH What is it?

I am thinking a Sharp-shinned Hawk 

All About Birds - Sharp-shinned Hawk read more

Thursday, June 6, 2013

High Falls Hike a Great Success!!

High Falls Hike
Even my tennagers had fun!!

Follow  for information on more hikes and events to come.

Map of High Falls Hike location is on MapsGoogle

All the pictures I took are here

The video I shot is now on Youtube see it now

The story of the hike in the Timmins Times, with more pictures. Take a look

Please suggest next hike location. Where have you always wanted to go?