Saturday, April 27, 2013

Citizen Scientists plan to meet in Timmins, Ontario.

We are all
Citizen Scientists 
Wildlife Photographers

The Timmins Naturalists are asking for the help of the public in their data collection efforts.
To that end we are having a workshop on 
Sunday May 05, 2013 2:00pm - 4:00pm 
at the Timmins Public Library 
in the Tembec Room.

The entire agenda can be found here

The short agenda is:
Sturgeon restoration
Trail systems and Canoe Routes
Duck Boxes
5 minute break
Turtles, Snapping, Painted, Blanding's, Turtle Tally
Bats, and their Future
Citizen Science
Wrap up. Thanks you.

A note on Wildlife Photography. Everyone, well almost everyone, now carries a gizo that will take a digital picture. I carry a flip phone that will take a picture, but I have never used the camera. I also carry a small digital camera with me always and a digital video camera with me most of the time. My first reaction when I see something is to get a camera out.

One exception last fall. The dog and I are walking in the thick bush. I am being careful and watching my step. Suddenly I hear a low grunting sound and look up to almost face to face with a moose. It grunted while it's head swayed back and forth. It took a step towards me, I took a step back. Nose to nose ~5 meters. I was not thinking about my camera. When the dog finally joined me the moose moved off, only then did I think of the camera. Got a shot of the backside in the thick brush.

What we need is all of you photographers to take a picture and send me a note of where you took the picture. When I get a picture or a phone call I put the sighting on the Observations Naturally page and forward the observation to the information keepers. (Turtles to the Turtle  Tally etc.) I have kept this page up since 1994.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hoya carnosa, what a great smelling flower!

My Grandmother had the plant 
My Mother had a snippet of the plant 
I had a snippet of my Mommys' plant

What a great plant! This plant has been with me for well over 25 years.  It has flowered many times over the years. In one house it climbed the wall and held tightly.

[sidebar : how old is my plant? is it 25 years or over 100? Just how does that work? Time, just how does that work?]

The Moms' plant has never flowered. Well maybe once or twice. Every time mine flowers I call her "Mom, how the hell do you stop this plant from flowering?"

The smell is strong and fantastic. The perfume smell while walking past the flower is exquisite!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Busy Spring - Lots going on!!

Timmins Naturalists 
Wintergreen Fund for Conservation

Earth Day April 22, 2013
Earth Day Canada read more

Sportsman Show April 27th and April 28th, 2013.
I will be at the Wintergreen Booth Saturday 1pm - 4pm.
Poster at website read more

Citizen Science - Timmins Naturalists May 05, 2013.
Take a look at the Agenda. read more

High Falls Open House May 08, 2013
Poster read more

Arbour Day May 25, 2013
You can get a White spruce tree seedling for a Donation to the Wintergreen Fund for Conservation.

Spring Hike Day - High Falls on the Grassy River. June 02, 2013.

Mark and Lynn Clement are Awesome ! !

Photography By Mark and Lynn Clement

You just got to see the stuff they are working on, places they are investigating, pictures they are taking!!

Look at the pictures taken just a couple of days ago.

They wow me and have photo rescued me many times.

My little camera is great to carry with me every where, but is not the greatest. Lynn has seen my poor pictures in this blog and let me have one of her amazing pictures so you could actually figure out what I was pointing out.

Panoramio photos with google earth maps read more
Facebook Photography By Mark and Lynn Clement read more
RedBubble I love the woodpecker pictures!! read more

Big thanks!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Powwow WOW in Timmins

I want to learn to drum
I want to pound on my drum all day!

I enjoyed the few hours I spent at the powwow. Got to chat with some friends and meet some new ones.

I was impressed by the dancing circle, how the young ones and the elder ones where able to continue for so long.  The younger one may have been more energetic, but the foot steps of the elders where more thoughtful and precise.

The gal who did the hoop dance was great, too bad my camera in not. Her artfulness with the dance was interesting to watch, what a workout!

My mom took drumming lesson in B.C. She tells me it is a calming experience, I could use calming.

If you can hook me up with a teacher let me know.

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Bald Eagle Back!, maybe never left?

Picture of Bald Eagle
Stories of the one that never left.

This is about where I saw the bird. see the map While I traveled down the road I could see on the side of the highway a bigger bird then you would usually see. I slowed right down and parked beside the tree the bird was in. It did not fly away.

The last 2 years Bald eagle has been present at the Deloro Landfill. I am hearing that it was present all this year also. When I was there last winter I scanned the tree line, many crows sat in the trees watching, at the end by itself was a much larger bird. On closer observation it is a Bald Eagle.

We added the Bald Eagle to the Christmas Bird Count in 2011, when we saw a pair at Sandy Falls.

Timmins Naturalists read more