Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trout Unlimited Canada

Muddy Mark learns about Trout Unlimited

While in North Bay a lad came asking about tree seedlings for a Trout Unlimited project.

He was hoping for a few hundred free seedlings, maybe a few thousand free seedlings. Free tree seedlings, pretty sure the government use to do that, but stopped that 20 years ago. 

At Millson Forestry Service tree seedlings is our business. With planning ahead Millson can provide as many seedlings as you want, what ever size you want, but it will cost you.

Back to Trout Unlimited. I did not know anything about this. What is really exciting to me is the one creek they are working on : BRONTE CREEK WATERSHED PROGRAM

Close to my hometown. I spent plenty of time in the Bronte Creek watershed back when I am sure the creek had plenty of trout. Also in the Bronte Creek clean up is the Lowville Park part of the creek. Lowville! Lowville is the best hill for sliding for miles around! 

There is a Bronte Creek blog check it out!

Water Level Look for yourself. Realtime

Like to watch weather
You can watch the water rise and fall.

No this is not about taking your girl to the lake side
to watch submarine races. But still always a good idea!

Environment Canada has a site that shows you the realtime water levels of water systems all across Canada. You can use the google map search to see what stations are near any location in Canada.

It is a very cool site for water watchers. Real-time Hydrometric Data

Ontario Power Generation has a site that will allow you to view the real-time data at the hydro electric dams. You need to check here when water is low to know if the water is high or not. You need to know the elevation that may effect you or your pleasure of the water system.

Pick a dam, see the water elevation. See the data

Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day 2011 Timmins Ontario - Honda

Timmins Honda for Earth Day
April 21, 2011

Being in our backyard is always plenty of fun. 
Ryan, owner of Timmins Honda, took me for a spin in one the hybrid cars. He is so knowledgeable. 
These cars are truly becoming leaders in the automobile industry.

Jason, from CTV, checks in with me and Forester Moe. One day that facial hair he sports will look as good as mine, he hopes. His kids will help him acquire the grey of maturity.

If you missed us you can always get a tree seedling from Millson Forestry Service of Timmins, Ontario.
Visit the webstore for tree seedlings of boreal species and more.

The best time to plant a tree 
was 100 years ago, 
the second best time is today!

2011 Earth Day summary on Youtube
2011 Earth Day Timmins Commercial on Youtube

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day 2011 Sudbury - Rainbow Concrete

Sudbury people LOVE trees.
Busy Muddy at Rainbow Concrete!

Just like last year the staff at Rainbow were fantastic to welcome us into the show room. The weather was not as nice as last year, so we were not able to set up outside.
Boris (far left) and his staff really are committed to the environment with many different projects on the go to make living in the urban jungle more earth friendly.

Free Tree Seedlings at Rainbow Concrete Sudbury Ontario!

A real interesting part of these traveling Earth Day events is the people you meet. I love to talk trees with everyone that comes by. In Sudbury a surprise for me. A co-worker, a friend from many years ago sent his daughter to come visit. She is more then 20 years old, so I am thinking I have not seen Dan for 15 + years. Emails over the years now and then, but really had lost touch. He saw the commercial, but work kept him away.  Hope Dan will send me a picture of himself with the seedling planted.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ontario Fishing ON-Line

For those of you who are fishing people the Province has a very neat new tool. It works with Google.maps and is very interactive.

Lakes that have fish or are stocked can easily be found and explored.

What a great use of Google.maps

I guess you could use the ``how to use`` information, but come on boys, we do not need that.

Check it out. Click on the picture.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today - AWESOME !!

Gemini Breakfast

this morning i got up at 5:30am to put my swim stuff together.  on tuesday and thursday mornings i drive kid number one to the pool for work. if i am going to the pool i stay and swim a bit. then a nice long hot show, and the showers were very hot today. AWESOME.

i came home and figured i had plenty of time to make eggs, rather then just cereal. leftover potatoes in the pan first, then add the eggs.  2 eggs easy over.

both eggs had double yokes. AWESOME.

later at work i realize i had not completed the usual ritual with kid number one, to say have a good day. a hand shake thing, that is our thing. we forgot.  i text her later "LB it, pulse, hy5". her text back was oh we forgot. kid number one thinking about dad. AWESOME.

these are my 3 thing today to add to my book of AWESOME.

for those of you that have not read the book or heard about it, more about awesome is here.

check out more of the blog now


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Tree for International Year of Forests

Start your own Forest
With free tree seedling

2011 declared International Year of Forests by the UN.

You can start your forest by getting a free tree seedling in North Bay, Sudbury and Timmins.

Come see Muddy Mark and Forester Moe.

The best time to plant a tree is 
100 years ago, 
the next best time is today!

Free Tree Seedlings North Bay, Sudbury and Timmins

Earth Day Tour Continues
Free Tree Seedlings in 
North Bay, Sudbury and Timmins

One free seedling to everyone that shows up. If you want more we will have more at just $1.00 each.

Muddy Mark will have the Oxygen Grows On Trees t-shirts. read more
Tell Muddy that Peter sent you and you will get a deal. And yes Peter if I sell 10 shirts on the tour you will get one free!

The inlaws of Muddy came to visit again this year. How wonderful. This is the second year we have been involved in the handing out of free tree seedlings in Sault Ste Marie.  Last year Earth Day read more.

CTV Regional commercial watch now
CTV Timmins commercial watch now

Success in the Sault

Former Mayor 1996-2000 - Steve Butland and current councilor 
Muddy Mark and Maria, manager at the Country Way.

Forester Moe is QC for all the seedlings. 

More free tree seedlings for everyone, and everyone get one free!

Next stop North Bay Toyota on April 18th, then Sudbury Rainbow Concrete on April 19th. Our last stop is in Timmins at Honda. Come join us and get your free tree seedling.

And they are seedlings! Forestry
A small tree, usually between 2 and 4 inches diameter at breast height
(a) A tree, usually less than 2 inches diameter at breast height, that has grown from a seed rather than from a sprout.
(b)A nursery-grown tree that has not been transplanted in the nursery.

Wiki entry tell us 
A seedling is a baby tree that has just started to grow.  It is the first stage of the growth cycle.  It can not make new life and it has a job to do.  Its job is to grow up to a sapling to make a new forest.  Deer sometimes like to eat new leaves and can can hurt a new seedling.

A sapling is a child tree.  It is the second stage of development.  It is one meter tall and stays a sapling until the stem reaches 7 cenitmeters in diameter.

This paper has some technical info.
trees = 10 cm or more DBH; saplings = basal diameter 1 cm or more and DBH <10 cm; seedlings = < 1 cm basal diameter. Seedlings were subdivided into 3 height classes: <10 cm, 10-30 cm, and >30 cm.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free Tree Seedling Sault Ste. Marie

Earth Day 2011
April 11th
Nature's Way
10 am - 5pm

Similar to last year we will again travel from Timmins to Sault Ste. Marie with a truck load of tree seedings. I have also added some interesting forest finds.

Come visit us.  One free tree seedling for every one.

We will be in North Bay April 18, Sudbury April 19 and back in Timmins on April 21st.

See the commercial on Youtube

Ask Muddy Mark to get a picture with you, and it will end up here.

Muddy will also have Oxygen Grows On Trees t-shirts. (tell him you saw it here and he will sell you a shirt for $15.00)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Muddy Mark
Educating the little saplings!

A school tour last week at the complex.  It was too cold to take the kids for a walk in the mud, it was all too frozen. Too bad, I had my rubber boots on.

All dressed up with no place to mess.

The kids had some great questions and many of them were about trees.  Sometimes the cats and dogs get some of the kids attention.
Trees  are important and I am sure that message was well received. 

Yellow-headed Blackbird in Timmins

Yellow-headed Blackbird
Visits feeder in South Porcupine

This is a sighting from a couple of years ago (May 6, 2008 at 4:15pm), but it is never too late to add an interesting observation. The bird flew in with a flock of blackbirds and was only here for maybe 5 minutes and never came back.

The Yellow-headed Blackbird is on the Timmins Checklist of the Birds, so it has been spotted here before.

This is the area it was sighted see the map

Great observation and picture.
I will add this to the Observations Naturally page of the Timmins Naturalists