Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black Bear Stick Nest

It is a real thing!!

I got a picture this week of a classic Bear Stick Nest.  I was first introduced to the black bear stick nest during a stick nest workshop.  We were looking at many different types of stick nests and learning how to identify which bird had created the nest.

In the case of the bear stick nest - it is not a nest at all.  Rather it is a place where a bear sat and eat the buds off the branches of a tree. The mess that is left behind once the bear has broken many branches in the tree, can be confused with a real stick nest.

This is the second bear stick mess I have got a picture of.  Maybe one day I will get a picture of the bear in the tree while making the mess.

View in Google Maps

Bear Stick Mess (Nest)

Road to Winter Wonderland

A Road Less Traveled

I have driven down each of these roads over the years.  Each road was built to access forest stands  to be harvested. I drove these roads when looking at the plantations to assess the health and survival.

Look at the plantations from the air in Google Maps shows how great the plantations are coming along.  New forest growing with vigour.  Great examples to look at for International YEAR of the FOREST.

See in Google Maps

See in Google Maps

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Festival of the Trees #56

Festival of the Trees

It is a blog carnival for all things trees, Festival of Trees

The 56th edition is hosted by

Muddy Mark made a contribution. Take a look at the 56th edition now!


Foxy in Timmins Ontario

Fox Finds Frozen Dinner

I finally found something to film with my new little video camera.

I drove up beside a little fox that was very busy on the side of the road. I watched for 10 minutes as he was occupied with a task in the snow bank.

To get a better angle I started the truck, drove down the road and came back. Now the fox was on the drivers side.  It seemed like he did not notice the truck at all. It just went about the business of digging in the snow bank.

Roll'n wanted out bad!!!

The little fox finally found his treasure, a frozen dinner of half rabbit.

I did not realize the camera was set to medium quality until I was downloading. Darn. The next video I take will be better.   

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This is where the video was taken map