Friday, April 24, 2009

Green in the Greenhouse

I just love it when the everything is green.

The smell of spring is strong, and the snow is still melting outside.

Mindy is taking care of her young charges. She has given each a name, jack pine 01, jack pine 02 . . . jack pine 231,348 . . . jack pine 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Media

Front page of the Timmins Daily Press.

You can see the story and pictures on line.

It turns out my face is on the front page of the Daily Press 2 days on a row. The paper is taking random submitted pictures for the front page.  I sent a bunch of the kids and 1 of me. Turns out I got picked.

They say things happen in 3's - I hope I am in the paper again for winning the lottery and not in the crime or obituary sections!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Earth Day

Where I work at Millson Forestry Service we like to say it is Earth Day everyday.  Everything we do is for the forest, for the trees, for the Earth.

First thing this morning I printed out a large "Oxygen Certificate" for our Earth Day meeting at the Days Inn. Two for one special at the store.

A phone call from the Timmins Times got me down to the Days Inn a little early.  Pictures and information for the reporter. Next the Daily Press photo opt. Finally Persona channel 3 dropped in to get the information about what was going on.  Very busy hour for Carman (manager of the Days Inn) and I.

Todays issue of the Timmins Times has a great article about our event. the Business of Earth Day. 

Back at the greenhouse I am working on a little project to cut jiffy pellets up so we can reuse them when potting seedlings. Potted seedlings will grow bigger and better, which will suit the urban tree planter. A reuse project on Earth Day, just another day at the greenhouse. Earth Day is every day.

A gal, Tammy, at he greenhouse is a bit of an artist and has a history of making t-shirts. Daystar Stitching supplied the shirt and Tammy supplied the artwork.  

Look at us in the pictures - but more important - look at all the green in the background. there is close to 2 million tree seedlings in the greenhouse now. I think we have over 6 on the grow right now and more to come.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day 2009 Timmins, Ontario

The Business of Earth Day
Two locally owned businesses come together to help our earth
Timmins, ON (April. 20, 2009) – Days Inn & Conference Centre - Timmins is pleased to announce the implementation of an employee awareness program based on the Natural Resources Canada Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC). This program will encourage staff to maximize efficiency by enhancing energy performance while reducing operating costs in the workplace.

On April 22, to help raise awareness for Earth Day and coincide with the launch of its employee awareness program, the team at Days Inn & Conference Centre - Timmins will be giving all guests and dining room patrons a tree of their very own. Mark Joron of  Millson Forestry Service states that they “ have supplied white pine (Ontario’s Arboreal Emblem) tree seedlings today, these trees are similar to the “oxygen trees” planted”.

Days Inn & Conference Centre - Timmins has also joined forces with Millson Forestry Service who will be planting a tree for every two guest rooms sold during the month of May. “We are pleased to be partnering with Millson Forestry Service and are dedicated to raising awareness for this great cause,” said Carmen Swartz, Operations Manager, Days Inn & Conference Centre - Timmins. “Together we are stepping up to the challenge and will work hand-in-hand with Millson Forestry Service to help the environment.”  

For Millson Forestry Service, Earth Day is everyday.  To celebrate Earth Day Millson Forestry Service is offering a two for one special until April 28th.  When purchasing an oxygen tree you will receive a certificate indicating that two trees were planted for you, your friends, your family or client.

It was last year on Earth Day that Millson launched it’s new website and webstore. “I know that people from all over the world are looking at the site every day” said Mark Joron. “ You can buy seedlings, cones, burls, essential oils, birch bark and now firewood”.
In support of the employee awareness program, the Days Inn Timmins has been retrofitted with energy efficient lighting, launched an internal recycling program and installed waterless urinals in the men’s restrooms. Ceramic mugs have also been provided to all staff in order to reduce the usage of disposable cups.

For further information please contact:

Mark Joron
Forest Technologist
Millson Forestry Service
Tel: (705) 264-3426


Carmen Swartz
Operations Manager
Days Inn & Conference Centre - Timmins
Tel: (705) 267-6211

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birds Back to Timmins

Spring is in the air! Just look up!

Standing in the driveway yesterday chatting with a friend, when suddenly "wait, quite, listen". Being a little bit of weird bird Ivan thought nothing strange in the way my gaze reached to the cloudless sky after I silenced him.

Sandhill cranes. Sandhill cranes in my backyard, ok in the airspace above my backyard, but that counts.

This is the earliest I have seen them here by about 3 weeks. Summer is going to come fast and be hot!

Earlier in the morning a pair of robins were playing on my side patio. They are early by at least a week or more. Summer is coming fast and is going to be hot!

(if I say it one more time do you think it will come true?)

You can read more about the sandhill crane at Environment Canada.

You can hear the call on the site too, or go there now.

Read more about the Robin or listen now.

Muddy Mark
Learn more

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forest Research Partnership in Timmins

The Forest Research Partnership has a project here in Timmins, just 24km down Pine street south.

Highlights for me include the discovery of 400 year old white cedar and bird study part of the project.

The block also has the biggest white pine in the area. (see the Honour Roll of Timmins Trees)

Three different orchids - I will have to follow up on what those three are when I am in the same place as my notes.

A wonderful yellow birch stand was discovered in the block and management techniques were used to continue the health of the stand. This is the only yellow birch managed stand in the north, since yellow birch is at the northern edge of their range.


The project team is working to merge high-tech inventory with leading-edge forest modeling and silvicultural science with operational practice, to set the standard for the credible implementation of enhanced forest productivity. Specifically, integrated harvest-to-harvest sequences of best practices are being implemented that include components such as:

1. State of the art spatial modeling to aid in prime site selection.

2. Enhanced forest inventory to optimize operational planning, including block and road engineering.

3. Careful, high-utilization logging

4. Thorough mechanical and/or chemical site preparation

5. Timely planting or high quality stock, including the best genetics available and species matched to microsite.

6. Timely and effective vegetation management.

7. Density regulation defined by long-term crop plans.

Within each of these components, new knowledge and tools are being fully implemented to operationally test and validate their integrity.

See the newest report and past reports.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beauty in the Boreal

Snow is beautiful, you have to love it! If you do not love it you may cry.

March 29th here in Timmins a snow fall record was broken. 20.0 cm of snow fell, breaking the old record of 16.8 cm which fell March 29th, 1975.

This year to date 340 cm have fallen on the trees here in Timmins. That is the amount that has fallen on my driveway too. I have moved a lot of snow this year.

Today another 10 cm fell and more is coming.

Ya just got'ta love it.